The project Tracking Violent Crimes against Women is implemented by the Georgian
Institute of Public Affairs with the support of the European Union and aims at four
general objectives:

• Contribute to protection of human rights
• Improve media coverage of crime
• Facilitate gender equality
• Increase capacity of journalists and relevant CSOs

The main concept of the project is that protection of women by spotlighting
underreported crime cases and raising awareness for the crime contributing factors
is one of the most effective tools for protecting marginalized and vulnerable groups
of women.

Importance of the Project

Within the framework of the project, a database is created, in which the crime
trends are described with the extreme accuracy. The base is transparent and easily
accessible. Using contemporary methods of visualization, data perception is much
simpler and comprehensible, which itself increases the interest of the public towards
the issue.

Besides, specially trained journalists are working on articles about the crimes
committed across the country and cover the issue of the problem from different

The website of the project allows citizens to publicly or anonymously leave a
message about the crime.

As a result, the project unites journalists, civil society, law enforcement agencies and
ordinary citizens around one common goal. And this goal is reducing violence against

We believe that the progress in the country is achieved with the decisions of the
informed population.