Mikheil Daraselia

Bodbiskhevi, Sighnaghi district Kakheti, on march 19, 2015, Lali Baliashvili (27) was killed by her alleged admirer Giorgi (Gogita ) Gelashvili (36) .

he was found dead 1km away from place where he shot Lali.

As the final expertise the woman was hit in the head with the gun three times and then shot right in the left cheek.

After killing her Gelashvili went to his friend’s house and committed suicide with the same gun at the stabling.

Elderly Residents of Bodbiskhevi say, that kids heard a loud gunshot, some of them though it was car tire blowing up, when they ran to the place they saw young woman killed and killer was nowhere around to be found .

“It was loud noise, I was working in my vegetable garden, I saw my neighbors running and screaming somebody killed a woman. ‘ says Papuna Sologhashvili.

Lali Baliashvili and Giorgi Gelashvili were working together as Specialists at the Military Recording and Recruiting service center of Sighnaghi Municipality.

Lali was working there for 7 years.

This is place of accident . Here was lali shot in her head. Her colleagues describe her as sweet, reliable and honest person.

Giorgi has had left the job 4 month before the murderous event.

Employs at Commissariat say that he was peaceful and calm person, no one would ever think of him as mean and dangerous.

He was living alone, had one brother who lived separate with his wife and kids.

As the mother of Lali says, Gelashvili was disturbing Lali’s peace and was asking her several times to marry her.

Lali’s family was very worried regarding of this issue, that’s why her mother – Maia Janyarashvili made a complaint to MP of Sighanghi – Gela Gelashvili, he is not related to deceased Gogita.

The mother of Baliashvili says that, Gelashvili was writing insulting messages about her on the walls of Commissariat, about her reputation like she was prostitute.

Lali was living in Sighnaghi but she was taking her driving lessons in village Bodbiskhevi, which is not so far from her house.

On that day she took taxi to her driving class.

Lali BaliashviliLali has been separated from her husband for almost two years.

The divorce officially took place in August, after which her husband was forced to pay child’s support.

They have 3 years old girl.

Pkhovelishvili is former policeman of Sighnaghi police.

According to Baliashvili’s relatives, her ex husband – Vasil Pkhovelishvili threatened her just couple of days before her death.

Lali went to the police but her complaint wasn’t accepted.

This could be related to Beso Pkhovelishvili’s which is deputy of Signagi’s police executive and brother of Vasil Pkhovelishvili.

The relatives of deceased woman also, suspect that murderer Gelashvili, did not commit suicide instead he was killed.

As Balishvili’s family members say, her ex husband was threatening her with taking away their child.

Commissariat wall where Gelashvili wrote insulting messages regarding to Lali.This issue was addressed by lali in 2014 when she made a complaint at the Sighnaghi police.

According to Lali’s family t he police showed inactivity which caused Baliasvhili to take this case to General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal affairs.

Lali’s relatives recall that after depressant warrant Vasil stopped threatening her, but shortly after Baliashvili demanded to take her belongings from her former spouse’s home, he continued threatening.

Strangely enough Lali’s phone number was randomly appearing on dating websites and she would get call from strangers, some were leaving threatening messages.

Balishvili’s relatives say that someone has put her number and introduction saying “young woman is looking for man for a relationship”.

“I remember lali was so angry and upset when she was getting calls from strange men offering her dates and relationship” says Xatuna Bezhashvili. lali went to the police again and complained but with no result.